Duck hunting 2020/2021 is underway. So far the swamp has been producing wood ducks and a few opportunities at some canada geese. I am patiently waiting for the weather to get cold so we will get an influx of migratory birds. As I am writing this I am also waiting for the Tar River to lower after our flooding situation. Today we are still at about 14′ from the 19′ we had. However, prior to the flooding we were at just 4.7′ and this was almost perfect for swamp hunting. The receding water has really taken its time to go down. Normally it drops much faster.

Open water hunting from my two man layout boat has picked up some. We are now seeing a fair number of sea ducks, bufflehead, scoters and a few divers. I am also waiting for the migration to pick up a bit more to bring more ducks. Should be any day now.

Open water hunts are being held on the Pamlico River out of North Creek.

If you are interested in either of these hunts please contact me for open dates.