North Carolina Trout Fishing Guide

North Carolina Weekly Fishing Report

July has panned out to be slow fishing with some big fish caught. The fishing slowed with the heat just like is slowed and nearly shutdown with all the rain. After the water quality got better the bite got better then the heat came and slowed the bite. There were places I could fish and catch quality fish for a week to ten days and then it completely shutdown. I had to cover a lot of miles and burned a lot of time and fuel finding and chasing the bite. We went from hard baits and soft plastics of all sorts being the bait of the day and then nothing. Went to live and cut bait and began catching fish again. Then the water heated up and even that bite slowed. Just remember, the hotter the water, the deeper the fish.

Slot drum have been very good to target this past month and will be right into August and September. You may have to have a variety of bait on board to figure out a pattern, but you should find fish in tight to the marsh grass.

Black drum are eating shrimp either alive or cut pieces and are very structure oriented in deep water. The black drum bite has been very good.

The trout have been a bit finicky on baits and you have to spend time finding the pattern and the quality or size of fish you are looking for. There are still plenty of keeper fish in the estuary.

Stripers have been up river in and around New Bern and that target is blasting top water baits early, late and all day sometimes weather cloudy or sunny.

The flounder bite has been awesome. 20″ flounder have been caught on nearly every trip. Once people begin to keep them on August 16th you will have to hunt a bit harder. They have been eating every kind of bait I throw.

The Old Drum are starting to arrive in the Neuse River and I will begin targeting them this week. I still have some dates open for August and September so give me a call if are wanting to catch these Trophy Drum. the Big Reds are pound for pound the best fight in the river. Come with me for a popping cork daytime Old Drum charter in the Neuse River out of Oriental, NC and get your fun meter pegged.

We’re now scheduling North Carolina fishing charters for the upcoming Old Drum season, so if you’re looking for a trip, click on our fishing guide to see what’s new in Eastern North Carolina fishing. Captain Jeff is ready to launch your adventure, so give us a call at or click here to contact us.

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